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Wisdom Teeth Removal from Jason A. Monroe DDS

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Just about everyone has wisdom teeth emerge some time in their late teens and early twenties; most of these patients will not have room in their current teeth alignment for new teeth to move in. This common growing pain can create dental health problems, which is why it’s so important to have your wisdom teeth removed in a timely manner. At Village Green Dental Center, we provide wisdom teeth extraction in Aurora to protect the health and wellness of our patients’ smiles.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Aurora

With trained and skilled dental professionals on-staff, we do not have to send patients seeking wisdom teeth removal to another office to receive they care they need. Dr. Thomas Adams has advanced training and experience in oral surgery and is able to perform these procedures for patients requiring the extraction of third molars, or wisdom teeth.  Our wisdom teeth extraction services include:

Wisdom Teeth RemovalSimple Extraction – Wisdom teeth that emerge without becoming lodged in bone or soft tissue can be removed with simple, straight-forward processes. While some patients experience this, it’s more common for wisdom teeth to descend at angles or to become stuck in surrounding tissue.

Removal of Impacted Wisdom Teeth – When dealing with third molars, impaction is a common issue. Many patients do not have extra space in their smiles for wisdom teeth to completely move into place, so they become stuck in their current position, or begin to press into existing teeth. Dr. Adams can remove impacted wisdom teeth that are partially exposed through gum tissue or are lodged in bone.

Removing wisdom teeth helps to prevent shifting of existing teeth alignment and lowers your risk for developing periodontal disease around partially emerged wisdom teeth. While soft tissue around wisdom teeth can be a prime environment for bacteria and debris, as this area is hard to keep clean, removing third molars solves this problem and ensures that you can maintain a healthy smile.

Comfortable Teeth Extraction Treatment

Our dentists understand that wisdom teeth extraction can seem intimidating for patients who have never needed oral surgery or more complex treatments in their dental history. When visiting our Aurora dental office for wisdom teeth removal, we ensure that our patients are comfortable by using local anesthetic to numb treatment sites. We can also provide nitrous oxide sedation and oral conscious sedation for a relaxing in-office experience.

Questions about Wisdom Teeth Surgery? Contact our Dental Office

If you have noticed wisdom teeth emerging in your smile, call our office for more information about wisdom teeth extraction. If you are apprehensive about your appointment, please be sure to speak to a member of our team about sedation dentistry for your wisdom teeth surgery.