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Loss of permanent teeth is an oral health problem that our dental team helps patients avoid whenever possible. In addition to accident or injury, one of the most common causes of tooth loss is dental infection that leaves teeth too damaged to save. With root canal therapy from our Aurora dental office, we can help stop dental infection in its tracks, save your teeth, and relieve the discomfort caused by tooth aches.

Save Your Teeth – Seek Root Canal Therapy

At Village Green Dental Center, our dentists understand how difficult it can be for patients to struggle with certain restorations for missing teeth. Replacing lost teeth with removable partial dentures does not do much restore oral function and may cause damage to surrounding teeth in the long run. We can help you save your smile and teeth through root canal treatment at the first sign of tooth infection.

A root canal targets the material inside teeth, called dentin. When tooth decay is left untreated, bacteria can enter the inner systems of teeth and damage dentin, causing tooth aches and severe pain. What many patients do not know is that, through root canal therapy, this tooth pulp can be removed and the outer structure of your tooth can remain in-tact. Root canals are comfortable and allow you to keep your teeth, which is essential to lasting oral health. After cleaning inner canals of teeth to remove infected material, our dental team restores your tooth with a beautiful dental crown, so your smile looks and feels healthy.

Emergency Root Canals in AuroraRoot Canals in Aurora

Our dentists see many patients for emergency dental issues, including severe tooth pain caused by infection. In cases where an emergency root canal is needed, our first goal is to get patients out of pain. We can recommend medication to alleviate any existing discomfort and perform same-day root canals whenever possible. If same-day care is not possible, we ensure that patents are comfortable before scheduling root canal therapy for a following appointment.

Immediate root canals may also be needed for severely cracked teeth, where bacteria have been given an opportunity to enter the inner canals of teeth. If you are suffering from a painful toothache or have damaged teeth in an accident, call our office immediately for care. Root canals alleviate the pain of infection, helping our patients to relax and feel comfortable.

Care for Advanced Root Canal Needs

In the event that a root canal you have received from another dental office has not alleviated dental pain around a treated tooth, Dr. Adams can provide re-treatment for failed root canals and complex root canal needs. As a final solution for teeth that cannot be re-treated with a second root canal, Dr. Adams can install a secure and long-lasting dental implant to replace a severely compromised natural tooth.

For more information about root canals in Aurora, call Village Green Dental Center today. Our entire dental team is equipped to provide root canal treatment and can help patients get out of pain, save their teeth, and enjoyed renewed smiles.