Dental Restorations with CEREC Same-Day Crowns

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Dental restorations are an important part of what keeps your smile healthy, strong, and attractive after teeth have been chipped, cracked, or decayed. Without a restoration, decay can spread to other teeth and damaged dental enamel can impair function, which is why it’s so essential to look for efficient and quality dental restorations.

At Village Green Dental, we provide the dental restorations patients need with CEREC same-day crowns in Aurora, IL. CEREC is a high-tech dental tool that allows our office to comprehensively plan your treatment with 3D imaging and then mill your permanent dental restorations directly from our office.

CEREC Same-Day Crowns

Time-Saving CEREC Same-Day Crowns

The most vital benefit offered by CEREC is time savings and improvements in convenience for patients. Processes for receiving dental crowns created by an outside dental lab include sending impressions or digital diagnostic information to the lab, waiting for your crown to be created by a lab technician, and returning for a second appointment where your permanent crown can be cemented in place.

CEREC minimizes treatment times for dental restorations. Our Aurora CEREC dentists can prevent the need for temporary restorations and repeat visits to our office with same-day dentistry and in-office milling. CEREC’s 3D scanning component saves patients the experience of goopy impression trays, while the milling equipment creates your crown, inlay, or onlay in around an hour – delivering the same quality as a lab-made crown, in far less time.

Strong, Natural-Looking Dental Restorations

With CEREC, we can provide natural-looking and durable, all-porcelain dental crowns in one appointment. For patients in need of varying restorations, CEREC technology can also be used to produce tooth-colored inlays, onlays and fixed dental bridges.

Compared to traditional dental crowns with a metal base, CEREC crowns are made from a solid block of porcelain, providing three times the strength of porcelain stacked on top of metal.  Village Green Dental is happy to offer cosmetically appealing and durable dental crowns with CEREC to patients who can benefit most from this restorative treatment; however our approach to patient care is not one-size-fits-all. In an effort to work in the best interest of our patients, we can also provide crowns made from varying materials produced at a dental lab, if it’s what will work best for your health and treatment goals

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CEREC allows our dentists to provide patients with lab-quality dental crowns right from our office, in just one appointment. For more information about CEREC in Aurora, IL, contact Village Green Dental today for your consultation.