Dental Technology at Our Aurora Office

The dental industry today utilizes advanced technology to make dentistry more efficient, comfortable, and natural looking. 

At Village Green Dentistry, Jason A. Monroe, DDS, and his talented team incorporate technology to provide the best treatment possible. These newer techniques are less invasive and more dependable than they were in the past. Procedures that formerly took multiple trips to the dentist or required multiple health care providers can often be performed in the comfort of our Aurora office in only one day. 

CEREC® and More

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic, or CEREC, is a technological advancement that gives our dentists the ability to create same-day crowns. It allows our Aurora office to comprehensively design your treatment with 3D imaging and then mill your permanent dental restorations directly in our office. We also use advanced technology to painlessly provide full-mouth restorations, such as bridges, bonding’s, and fillings quickly and painlessly. 

Laser dentistry offers a much less invasive alternative to such procedures as crown lengthening, decay removal, dental fillings, and nerve regeneration, benign tumors, and even cold sores. The CT/Cone Beam Scanner allows us to view your mouth in 3D using digital sensors and low radiation. All the practitioners at Village Green Dentistry use technologically advanced methods like air-abrasion and lasers at every opportunity. This helps to avoid cutting and stitching, giving the patient a much more pleasant experience and outcome. 

Benefits of dental technology

Emotional Benefits of Technology

When we think of technology, we think about data analysis and we forget how this technology affects our emotions. The ability to try on different smiles using digital photos and virtual design software makes a huge difference in how patients view their dentist. Gone are the traditional ways of molded impressions sent off to a lab. Digital technology makes it possible to involve the patient from beginning to end, producing an emotional response as they envision themselves with that perfect smile. 

Village Green Dentistry enjoys using technology to establish a stronger connection with our patients. This helps us meet the expectations of our patients and ourselves. We strive to bring you the best care available using the latest tools and resources. Visit our Aurora office today for a comprehensive oral evaluation with the most modern technology available.