Guided Implant Surgery

Guided dental implant surgery is a procedure where a surgical guide or template is made to allow your implants to be placed in a very precise position. This is done through computer-guided surgical technology and three-dimensional scan imaging. This makes it possible for our team at Village Green Dental to plan and coordinate your treatment before the day of surgery and allows us to replace all your missing teeth in only a day. We can perform virtual surgery before even touching your mouth. This system gathers precise information about your mouth, including the anatomy of your jaw in three dimensions. We can locate and identify important internal structures and information about bone quality and quantity. It can also help reduce the need for a bone graft.

Dr. Jason A. Monroe, DDS finds this technique allows for a better aesthetic and functional outcome with greater patient satisfaction. Computer-guided implant surgery has many increased benefits versus traditional implant surgery.

Benefits to You

The number one benefit to you is the increase in the predictability and safety of the dental implant procedure. We can more accurately plan your treatment before beginning the procedure, which allows for a higher degree of safety versus the freehand implant placement method. All guesswork is eliminated with the surgical guide.

Computer-guided implant surgery also reduces the discomfort and swelling that often accompanies traditional implant surgery because we can reduce the length of time and number of appointments and surgeries. Since we know ahead of time where the important structures lay in your jaw, we can make fewer incisions than in freehand surgery. We can see the exact position and condition of these critical structures including the nerves, adjacent teeth roots, and your sinus cavities, and this reduces the risk of surgical complications. With smaller incisions, there is also less risk of infection and speedier healing processes after surgery.

Bone quality and quantity can also be accurately assessed during the planning phase, meaning there is an increased dental implant success rate.

Often guided implant placement is helpful in situations where all the teeth in the dental arch are missing, and no other landmarks for orientation exist.

Lastly, the virtual modes used during planning will allow you to see the predicted results. It is especially helpful in cases where the margin of error is small and where a freehanded approach may result in a negative outcome.

If you have been previously told that you are not a candidate for dental implants, guided surgery may make the procedure possible. The procedure can be done in our Aurora office. Please call to schedule a consultation to learn more.