Invisalign and ClearCorrect in Aurora 

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With clear braces technology, straight teeth are easier than ever to achieve. While many patients may be deterred by the idea of enduring metal braces to correct alignment problems, Village Green Dental provides attractive alternatives with clear braces in Aurora, IL. Our dentists make comfortably achieving the smile you’ve always wanted possible with clear aligner therapy.

Certified Providers of Clear Braces in Aurora

Dr. Jason Monroe and Dr. Thomas Adams are certified providers of clear orthodontics and can offers patients a more convenient way to re-align crooked or gapped teeth. Ideal for patients with mild to moderate issues, including twisted, tilted, or slightly overlapped teeth, our clear braces help patients avoid the hassle and aesthetic drawbacks of metal orthodontics.

InvisalignImproved Comfort – Metal braces utilize brackets and wires to straighten teeth. While this is effective, metal appliances aren’t gentle on the soft tissues in your mouth. Our clear aligner orthodontics are made from smooth plastic, which does not cut or irritate tissue.

Better Aesthetics – Traditional braces often look juvenile, which is no issue for young patients, but adults and teens may find them to be less appealing. Clear braces present a way for patients to straighten teeth and avoid the cosmetic drawbacks of having a mouth full of metal.

For many patients, clear braces can provide similar treatment time frames, compared to traditional orthodontics.  Clear braces from our Aurora dental office are ideal for both mature and teen patients, as they do not detract from the appearance of your smile and are easy to incorporate into your daily life. All of our clear braces are removable, so you can eat, drink, brush, and floss your teeth according to your normal routine.

Your Options for Clear Tray Orthodontics

Whether your treatment needs are more complex, or are small cosmetic alignment issues, Village Green Dental provides treatment methods that can help. Our options for clear trays orthodontics are as follows:

ClearCorrectInvisalign® - The most recognizable name in clear aligner therapy, Invisalign® can correct a multitude of alignment problems with customized trays. Invisalign®’s proprietary design is scalloped along the tops of teeth, so your aligners blend seamlessly into your smile.

ClearCorrect® - ClearCorrect provides an affordable alternative to treatment with Invisalign®, depending on patients’ needs and goals.

MTM ClearAligner – These DentSPLY clear braces are ideal for minor tooth movement, or small correction to teeth’s existing alignment. Clear aligner therapy for minor tooth movement is affordable, utilizing fewer trays and providing for shorter treatment times.

With clear braces, there is no need for attachments, or bonded metal brackets, on teeth. Invisalign®, ClearCorrect, and MTM ClearAligners make it easier and comfortable to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

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If you have questions about clear braces, contact our office today. Village Green Dental Center is proud providers of Clear Correct, MTM Clear Aligners, and Invisalgn® in Aurora. We welcome new and existing patients to explore their options with a treatment consultation.