Full Smile Restoration in Aurora 

Living life without your own teeth can be a challenge; dealing with loose and temporary restorations leave much to be desired in the way of comfort and stability, but there are other options available that provide for the best in strength and cosmetic appeal. At Village Green Dental, our experienced dentists have the knowledge and skill to perform full-mouth restorations at our Aurora, IL dental office with permanent dental implants.

Correcting Multiple or Total Tooth Loss with Implant Dentistry Full Smile Restoration in Aurora

Implants provide some of the best choices you can make for teeth replacement, as they include a component that is added and then becomes securely lodged in bone, like a real tooth. This base can then be used to secure a number of prosthetics, including multiple unit dental bridges or full dentures. When held in place with implants, your full-arch of replacement teeth feel, look, and act more like your real teeth.

Village Green Dental offers a variety of options for correcting tooth loss with implants, including teeth in a day. Our dental team is able to extract any damaged teeth and place long-lasting dental implants in one visit when needed. We make it easy to completely rejuvenate your smile and improve your quality of life – no more loose or unnatural prosthetics and dentures. 

Full-Arch Dental Bridges and Implants

Restoring an arch of teeth or groups of teeth requires larger prosthetics, such as bridges of varying length and full dentures. Our Aurora implant dentists can provide the following, long-lasting treatments for full mouth rehabilitation:

All-on-4 – This restorative option includes the use of four dental implant posts to secure an entire arch of replacement teeth.  The All-on-4 method provides an excellent treatment choice that offers more stability than a snapped-in denture with two implants but does not require the extent of treatment that a restoration with fixed full-arch implants would.  

Implant Bridges – For comprehensive implant dentistry and full-mouth teeth replacement, implant bridges provide additional, built-in fail safes to promote improved patient comfort and stability of the prosthesis. By using several strategically placed implants posts to secure your dental bridge, our dentists are able to promote long-term treatment success.

Cost-Effective Full-Mouth Restorations in AuroraDental Bridges & Implants

At Village Green Dental, permanent implant bridge restorations can be phased out in longer, more manageable fees for patients, making your implant treatment plan affordable.  We are also happy to provide an in-house savings plan that allows implants to become more attainable for a larger number of patients by including a discount on services. Even if you don’t have insurance, implants can still be a realistic treatment choice through our in-house dental discount plan, saving patients thousands of dollars on comprehensive treatment plans.

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Don’t suffer through life with removable dentures or uncomfortable partials. Permanent new teeth with dental implants can be a realistic option for you. Contact our Aurora implant dentists today for your full mouth rehabilitation consultation.